John and Pete are basically the two funnest, nicest, smartest and most modest guys in the world. A pleasure to ride with.
— John Horan

Meet the Powder Project

Copyright © Joe Harrison

Copyright © Joe Harrison

John Horan is a financially challenged ski enthusiast who has earned turns in Canada, the US, France, Austria, New Zealand and Japan. Willing to go to extreme lengths to avoid his desk job, John is an expert in sleeping in cars, eating leftover hut food and sniffing out good snow. John is an assistant ski guide with the New Zealand Mountain Guides' Association, and has wilderness first aid and NZ AST 1 avalanche safety certifications. He also guides with Alpine Guides (Mt Cook Heliski) and Anna Keeling Guiding in New Zealand.

Pete Hemphill was once a ski bum who dropped lines in France, the US, Canada, New Zealand and Japan before settling down in Canberra, Australia. Not content to spend the rest of his life at a desk, Pete dreamed up the Powder Project as a way to combine his love of skiing with his fondness for comfortable beds, good coffee and regular meals. Pete is the Powder Project’s chief snow tester. He likes to sample to goods to ensure our products are always of the highest quality.

This isn’t some corporate empire turning out Big Mac ski holidays. We're a few schmucks who love skiing powder, finding new experiences and new lines, and sharing the good times with our friends. If you're looking for great turns, in amazing places, without the crowds, so are we. Come and join us.