Ski and Snowboard Road-Trips

Hokkaido, Japan | Canterbury, New Zealand


The Powder Project runs custom roadtrips off the beaten track in Hokkaido, Japan and Canterbury, New Zealand.

We hunt out great snow, show you sensational lines, and sort out an amazing travel experience.

Our trips are flexible and customised to suit your needs. If you want to ski hard and chase the best snow each day, we can do that. If you're looking for a mellower pace and a chance to see some local culture, we're more than happy to help. We avoid the crowds at the big-name ski areas, and choose the best terrain and conditions from the places you won't always find in the tourist brochures. Our focus is on spending less time in lift queues and more time exploring some amazing skiing and unique destinations.

We only take group bookings, so you can ensure that you're riding with your friends and moving at the same speed. It's just you and your friends in some of the best powder and terrain on the planet.

Once the skiing is done, we've got you covered - showing you great places to eat, stay and relax. We'll get you off the tourist trails and show you some authentic local restaurants, guesthouses and hot springs.

Immerse yourself in Hokkaido, Japan

Deep, dry consistent pow. Hot springs. Delicious food. Contrasting cultures. If Japan sounds like the perfect destination for a ski or snowboarding trip, that’s because it is. We’ve been skiing here for years, and we make a point of getting away from the tourist towns and crowds. Hokkaido has some of the most reliable winters on the planet. Cold dry air blowing off Siberia picks up moisture over the Sea of Japan and smashes into this wild and rugged island. We are based near Hokkaido’s highest mountains, the Daisetsuzan range. From here, we are well placed to make the most of this unique landscape and its incredible weather.



Moving through the mountains, just you and your crew, finding the best terrain and conditions. Hokkaido’s backcountry has unbelievable turns for those willing to hike. We’ve spent years hiking in central Hokkaido amid some of the best terrain and snow we’ve seen anywhere in the world. If you don’t compromise on quality, come join us.

Smashing out laps with your friends is a guaranteed good time. We steer clear of the tourist towns to dodge the crowds and find the hidden gems, and with over 100 ski areas on the island, there’s always somewhere new to try. Hokkaido’s regular snowfalls mean there’s plenty of fresh snow to go around and with our local knowledge you’ll get the best out of each day.

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We understand that getting your trip sorted is a serious business. You’ve got limited time to ride this winter, it’s not cheap, and you want to make the most of your chance.

So why should you trust some random guys on the internet? Take a look at what some of our previous customers have said and done. From grizzled backcountry addicts to first time tourers, we take people into the mountains, show them a great time, and get home in time for ramen.

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