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Thanks so much for booking a trip with the Powder Project. We're looking forward to showing you around some beautiful mountains, with incredible snow, in some amazing parts of the world.

We need to collect a few details from you to make your trip as smooth and safe as possible. Any information we collect here (in particular your medical information) is solely for the purpose of making your trip awesome. There are only three situations in which we'll share this information with anyone:

  1. We're compelled to by law. That seems unlikely.
  2. You require medical care on one of our trips, and you're not able to communicate for yourself. That could be because you're unconscious or some other medical reason, in which case we'll give the medical staff whatever information we can. It could also be because you and the medical staff don't speak a common language and we're helping to facilitate a conversation. In that case we'll consult with you to get your consent and help translate as best we can.
  3. If your medical information is difficult to translate, we may seek help to translate it in advance. In this case, we'll ensure that the information we give doesn't contain your personal details so that your privacy is protected.

If for any reason you want to change the information you've submitted, just email us at and we'll update your details.

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Do you have any dietary requirements? We'll do our best to have them met by accommodation providers or restaurants. Please be aware that we can't guarantee that you will be able to get food that meets your requirements. Japan is notorious for serving meat to vegetarians, bread to the gluten intolerant, and allergens to the allergic.