Broken River 2013

The snow last season was pretty grim, but it’s comforting to know that even in a bad season you can always find a few good turns. A lot of the lines I wanted to ski from last season never really came into condition, but I ended up skiing a bunch of new chutes in the Avalanche Gulch just outside the ski area boundary. It turns out that a rocky face overlooking the gully that I always assumed would be pretty much impassable is actually very skiable and it held good snow for most of the winter. I went out there on a small powder day to test the GoPro and got a few good laps in. The best powder was low in the valley but there wasn’t such a great base down there so I was pretty tentative in some of the more committing sections, but there was some great skiing to be had.

This is the first video I’ve ever made and edited so it’s a bit strange but hopefully you get a sense of some of the lines that are out there in New Zealand, just waiting for first tracks.