Back on skis

It's good to be back on skis! I've been stuck in Australia getting an injury figured out, but that's finally sorted so I've put some extra-large kneepads on and hit Watson's Crags here in Australia to test everything out. So far so good! I'll be up again later in the week to see if anything in the backcountry is in good condition. Last time I was up Mt Carruthers looked perfect, so hopefully it hasn't turned into a wall of solid ice.

I also head to New Zealand on Saturday. It sounds like there's a bit of snow falling (finally) in the Craigieburns. Temple Basin has just opened, and Broken River is hoping to spin their tows after this storm clears out. Fingers crossed that it doesn't come down as rain. Plus it sounds like the glaciers have been getting plenty of snow during the winter, so I'm heading up next week to climb some peaks and earn some (hopefully steep) turns.

We're expecting to expand the website and launch our 2015 Japan trips soon. Stay tuned.