Murchison Glacier Ski Touring

I've finally had a chance to sit down near a power outlet and fire up the laptop. Those of you who are following the instagram feed will have seen some of the pics from a trip I took with my brother James to Kelman Hut at the top of the Tasman Glacier.

It has been a pretty grim season in NZ so far. There was plenty of precipitation early on, but most of that fell as rain on the ski areas. Normally my home field, Broken River, opens in late June. This year they had to wait until mid August. But in the big mountains most of that rain fell as snow, and with Kelman Hut at just over 2400m elevation we were able to find a few great stashes of dry snow on the Murchison and Mannering Glaciers. It just goes to show that even in an ugly season there are always some good turns lurking around.