We do backcountry guiding now!

The Powder Project is psyched to be expanding our backcountry options for 2017 and beyond. We've always been *disturbingly* passionate about hiking turns in the hills, and now we're very excited to be able to share our backcountry knowledge and enthusiasm with you.

John is now an New Zealand Mountain Guides' Association certified ski guide, and has a small paper certificate that officially summarises the years of experience, training and practice that went into passing his guides' exam. Pete doesn't have a small piece of paper, so he has to stay in Australia and work at his desk.

Hokkaido's backcountry terrain is awesome. There's a huge range of options, from mellow to gnarly, and epic snow with little to no competition. We've spent a bunch of time exploring in the last few years and are continuing to push into areas that most foreigners never even look at. If you want to get into the backcountry, drop us a line.