Want something a little different? Chances are we can help. Whether it’s something longer, shorter, remoter, radder, or generally something special, we’ve been specialising in custom trips for years.

Possible options include:

  • Major objectives (Nipesotsu, anyone?)

  • Touring in the Deep North and Rishiri

  • Longer or shorter trips

  • Big groups

  • Supported traverses

  • Your other, cooler, more interesting idea…

If you’re up to something interesting we’d love to hear about it and offer whatever assistance we can. Even if we can’t guide you, we’re generally happy to discus logistics, weather, and whatever else might help get your idea off the ground.

Some general guidelines:

  • We run a maximum guide to client ratio of 5:1 for normal guiding. For anything serious or weird we’d adjust that (fewer clients/more guides).

  • We’re usually around from January through March. We might be able to arrange to be around earlier or later, but you’ll need to contact us well in advance to have any chance.

  • We’re a small company with good guides in high demand. Book early so you don’t miss out..

  • Let us know what you’re thinking and we can figure out a quote for you.

  • We generally operate in Central Hokkaido. We’ve certainly skied and guided in other places, but there are some areas (especially Niseko) where we don’t guide. There are already plenty of guides there.

  • We don’t have any rental gear for you to use, but we may be able to help you collect or drop off rentals if you need them.

Drop us a line and let’s get started.